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When I was a kid we had a small, cream Pomeranian I called Killer the Pomeranian. He was such a cute, fluffy fur ball that when I grew up I knew I wanted my own dog, so I got an animal called Beaver the Pomeranian. Coincidentally, you may notice a slight resemblence between Beaver and Killer (see photos to the right). Now that Beaver is gone, I recently got a new dog, Jennifer the Pomeranian.

I find animals fascinating, especially how expressive they can be. This site features the unusual beauty and character of Killer, Beaver, and Jennifer the Pomeranian. I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos listed below!

Killer the Pomeranian
Killer the Pomeranian
Beaver the Pomeranian
Beaver the Pomeranian.

SuperPom welcomes Puppet the Maltese!
In a true show of diversity, we welcome our first non-Pomeranian
in early December 2014 to our Superpom family, Puppet the Maltese!

See Puppet photos
More photos available on our new flickr page!

Photos of Jenny the Pomeranian:
Jenny is my newest Pomeranian, I got her on December 21st, 2008, as the replacement for Beaver. She was very eager to get work immediately. You see her locked up in her early photos before she was toilet trained but for years now she has been a free range Pomeranian. I even built her steps to climb up and down my bed, and she comes and goes at will.
First photos
winter outings on the C&O towpath in Maryland
Diaper Fun
Alpine peaks with a Pomeranian
Cherry Blossoms with a Pomeranian
More photos available on our new flickr page!

Jenny's first video!

Jennifer's second video.

Jennifer the Pomeranian's third video--"hunting"

Photos of the very dead Beaver the Pomeranian:
Special Central Park lakeside photoshoot
Beaver in jail
Beaver in bed
Beaver the artic fox!
Beaver in his personal transporter
Beaver in the Botanical Gardens
Beaver in Riverside Park photoshoot
Beaver in his shoebox
Cute Pomeranian closeups
Beaver closeups II
Beaver closeups III
Central Park Volume 2
Central Park Volume 3
Central Park Volume 4
Central Park Volume 5
Beaver with relatives
Beaver posing on a park bench
Beaver elevated
Beaver on hind legs
Playing fetch with a Pomeranian!
Beaver's sister, Otter the Pomeranian
Beaver Video!

Note: Videos need PC Internet Explorer
Beaver roaring
Beaver roaring II
Beaver being rubbed
Beaver barking and dancing
Beaver barking and dancing some more
Beaver going for a walk with Mom
Beaver hopping around
Beaver hopping around on steroids
The six million dollar Beaver
Beaver playing hide and seek
Beaver on admiring fall folliage
Beaver in his animal transporter
Beaver riding the NYC subway

Beaver's last video

Pictures of Killer the Pomeranian:

Adventure of the Space Pomeranian (featuring Killer the Pomeranian)
Pomeranian photos Volume 1 | Pomeranian photos Volume 2
Pomeranian photos Volume 3 | Pomeranian photos Volume 4
Pomeranian photos Volume 5

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